Here's a quick summary of my life thus far in 20 words: Grew up in Alberta, moved to London, UK at 18, adventured for 2 years, now I'm a student at UBC.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Double Major in Theatre and Psychology
Expected Graduation: May, 2021

When I graduated high school I decided to spend my gap year living abroad. I chose London, UK so I could be surrounded by some of the best theatre in the world and be at the centre for travel in Europe. I saw countless plays and musicals and visited beautiful countries. Each changed my life and gave me new inspiration.

My year abroad turned into two and in fall, 2017 came back to Canada to study at UBC. All these mind-broadening experiences filled me with questions and curiosity. Psychology became a connection to my experiences meeting so many people from all over the world and got me excited to learn about human behaviour. As theatre still holds a big place in my life I wanted to find a way to integrate it into my degree. I have plans to pursue a career in Drama Therapy after graduation, using theatre as a tool for teaching and healing.

This two year period gave me invaluable work and life experience. Many of the skills and all of the discipline I learned living in London has helped me tremendously in University.

My professional life is summed up pretty nicely in my resume which you can see here.

When I'm not working or learning I might be training for a half marathon, making something dangerously delicious in the kitchen, or planning my next adventure.

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Learning Significance

  1. I've got plans for school, life, and career, but they're all written in pencil.