UBC Theatre Production and Research Assistant

Over the summer of 2020 I assisted a professor of mine with various research projects pertaining to the intersection of theatre and psychology.

In the fall of 2018 I reached out to my professor Gayle Murphy who was embarking on a study called the Emotional Fluency Project. The study would examine the viability of an acting technique that uses psychological principles of basic emotions to help actors safely access their emotions. From this email grew a working relationship that I truly value and cherish.

Over the course of the last few years I have assisted in multiple capacities in this and other projects. Tasks that I have been responsible for include:

  • Maintaining email correspondence¬†with potential research participants
  • Managing¬†the project inbox
  • Filing, printing, and organizing actor head shots, resumes, and interest statements
  • Greeting potential participants and obtaining consent forms
  • Transcribing¬†workshops
  • Digitizing written notes

My work with the Emotional Fluency Project has given me valuable experience in a field that is at the exact intersection of my two degrees. This work has given me insight into how this technique can be used to both protect the mental health of actors, a growing movement in the theatre community, and to help heal those in a therapeutic setting. This knowledge and experience has certainly expanded the scope of how I can imagine applying my degree to future career goals.

In addition to the work I have done for the Emotional Fluency Project, I have also assisted with the writing of the memoir of Joy Coghill by transcribing several interviews for the project. This work has given me great insight into the history of the Vancouver theatre community and the life and legacy of an influential woman in the industry.

Since that first email I have continued to work with Professor Murphy in a number of capacities and I look forward to every project she invites me to assist with.

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Learning Significance

  1. While working with my professor Gayle Murphy I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in the potential for applied theatre, been introduced to an inspirational figure in the Vancouver theatre community, and developed a working relationship that I truly cherish.